“Olivier Rocabois is a French musician with his sights (and, well, ears) scrupulously set across the Channel. As the first notes of new single « Ship of Women » start to play, you know you are facing a genuine love – equally wistful and eager – for exquisite productions and the songwriterly of the British romantic sound and artists like John Howard.
Rocabois, for his part, doesn’t hold back on the dramatic potential. The song expands and by the time the ending arrives (« Please come aboard ») some robust operatic foundations are revealed underneath. Despite what the title could suggest, « Somewhere in a Nightmare » takes that same theatrical sense into lighter surroundings.  It’s all rather dense, the B-side still a carefully layered number complete with salient strings and daydreaming backing vocals. But this time around there’s an airiness and nostalgia to the strong shimmering sense of Rocabois unrepentant pop.”

Shindig magazine

After several years of collaborations, Paris based Popincourt has decided to make his own singular musical mark … A Pop Rock cocktail, fresh and original, influenced by Paul Weller, Ray Davies, Costello and Joe Jackson. Despite these inspirations, Popincourt sounds modern and not retro. The songs are beautifully arranged and the pro musicians play brilliantly.

Auguste Marshal

French Boutik is a Paris-based “pop moderniste” quartet truly original, with a unique vision of modern French pop where elegance and power collide to generate a distinctive outfit of many harmonic faces. The 4 sharp dressed Franco-Americans take the ‘moderniste’ element of their tagline seriously and avoid retro déjà vu while still maintaining a clear nod to their 1960’s influences.