About Us

Mr Painterman was born in 2019. The footwear company has been founded by two music lovers.
The light bulb went on in the creators’ heads when they realized they needed to start a business that would mix their love of music, clothes, shoes and the golden era of the 60’s. The manufactured shoes are mainly boots .
The handcrafted quality is a key point of the project. The boots are handmade on small-scale workshops by the same family. The art of shoemaking requires specific skills and expertise therefore the boots are hand-sewn, using traditional equipment and techniques because Mr Painterman always tries to do everything by the book.

The wide variety of shoe models reflects the eclectic tastes of the designers whose lust for music is beyond compare : they attend five gigs a week, to say the least! Music is at the heart of their lives and the brand Mr Painterman is the expression of this unconditional love.
The creative pair will bring out two collections a year (men & women). Their signature piece? Beatle boots in bright shimmering colours! Feel free to go on the dancefloor while sporting the iconic model revisited!

“You got to walk like a panther tonight”, as Jarvis Cocker adequately pointed out.

Olivier Rocabois, Pop singer